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Les semis de La Seigneurie

Pepper - Penis

Pepper - Penis

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You are not dreaming..... This hot pepper evokes with precision the male member.

Of unknown origin, it would probably come from the regions of Louisiana, Texas in the United States or Mexico. Its popularity would be due to Frank X. Tolbert (1912-1984), a journalist-historian from Texas working at the Dallas Morning News (between 1946 and 1984) and writing rather unusual local chronicles.

In English it is called Peter Pepper ( Capsicum annuum var. annuum, "Peter pepper") . On the Scoville scale, it averages 16,500 on the Scoville scale, which means it is hot in taste, but excellent dried or candied.

Its shape is not discreet, it is planted very well in a pot for Grandma's balcony, nothing better to make the neighbors laugh.

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