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Our history

In 2019, a surreal event occurred in the Outaouais region, a shortage of seedlings for gardening, in early June. This caused situations, as funny as they were unexpected and even shocking.

An idea germinates (pun here), to create a business, which would provide plants that my family would need, as well as my neighborhood and this at low cost.

Les sowings de La Seigneurie was created in 2020, a name that means the seedlings to which we produce and the neighborhood in which the company is located, the neighborhood of "La Seigneurie" in the heart of Aylmer (Gatineau).

Our mission

To make discover or rediscover for some the pleasure of playing in the ground. What could be more gratifying than producing even these vegetables and fruits.

Self-sufficiency is a mission we hold dear. We want as many people as possible to have this chance. No need to have vast fields as far as the eye can see to achieve this goal.

With our varied products, we can offer you products suitable for both direct soil gardens and people with limited space.