Frequently Asked Questions

Are you certified organic?

No, we recommend a reasoned culture, which implies using methods recognized by the "Organic" certification and the use of synthetic products is used only as a LAST RESORT . So we can't be certified "Organic", nor display it.

Where do your seeds come from?

Most of our seeds come from our productions. But we also have varieties from local producers and some more difficult to find from elsewhere.

Is a plant displayed "4"" (4 inches) considered to be "4" tall?

Yes and no, the plant will be a minimum height of 4 inches. The same goes for the 6 inch option. For the values ​​"1gl and 3gl", are considered as mature plants. The values ​​displayed for the plants indicate the size of the pot, not the plant itself.

Do you offer delivery?

Only for seeds. We are constantly looking for a solution to allow the delivery of the plants without them being damaged.

Where can I get my plants?

For the moment, the pick-up of your order is done on site or at our points of sale.

What is the difference between your Cherry Tomatoes, Micro-Cerise, Blueberry?

In order to simplify the explanation, here is the format that we can visualize with our coins.

Cherry = 0.25$

Micro-Cherry = 0.05$

Blueberry = 0.10$