Nouvelles du mois de Juin

News for the month of June

Hello everyone, a lot still happened in June.

The Vieux-Aylmer Market has finally started, every Sunday and there were several of you getting your plants. A big surprise this year compared to last year!!!! You took me completely by surprise and I am extremely grateful.

Sales at the Wakim Market continued at a good pace, several of you went there to obtain the plants. We are in discussions for next year.

Another revelation, many of you were surprised by the (unconventional) variety of our products and you loved it. Expect even more next year ;)

I have decided to suspend the online store for plants only for the season, due to the quantity and variety of plants remaining. On the other hand, the sale of seeds is always available and occurs throughout the year.

Several changes to the website are coming, stay tuned.

By repeating myself, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again.

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